Terms & Consitions

1. A person who has minimum education of graduation in any field and law graduate, having enrolled as an advocate in any Bar Council of any State throughout India, is competent to become an Accredited Advocate of the concern.

2. An advocate has to send scanned copy of his/her Adhaar Card and Enrollment certificate. He/she is also required to give information of his/her Place of practice as an advocate and contract number.

3. Once necessary information as mentioned above in Para no. 2 is received from an advocate who wishes to become Accredited Advocate of the concern, his/her documents will be properly checked, after consultation by our team, the request of such advocate is accepted, then he will become Accredited Advocate of the concern. The team of our concern may reject the request of an advocate without assigning any reason.

4. Once request of an advocate is accepted, he will be referred as an Accredited Advocate and an unique identity code will be issued to him. This concern will have contact on this website with an Accredited Advocate through unique identity code only.

5. This concern will answer the queries online in writing only. This concern does not maintain any person contact with any Accredited Advocate by way of phone call, Video Call, facebook or any other form of social media.

6. An Accredited Advocate is eligible to send a query, that will remain confine to 500 (five hundred) words.

7. If a query sent by an Accredited Advocate contains more than 500 words, it will be treated as two queries. Second query will again remain confine to 500 words, and so on.

8. After a query is received on our website it will be informed to the Accredited Advocate online that his/her is accepted for answer.

9. Our team has right to reject or accept a query in accordance with competency of our team.

10. Once a query is rejected, whole matter concerning that query stood closed.

11. Once a query is accepted for answer by our team, information in this regard is sent to Accredited Advocate, he has to pay our charges.

12. Once charges meant for giving answer to a query are received from the other end, our team will endeavour to answer the query preferably within 48 hours.

13. Once answer to a query is sent which is to be sent online, the matter qua that query stood closed.

14. Our team will give answer to the query put to us. The answer given may or may not be useful in any case of any party, for it will not be counseling for any particular case.

15. If activities of an Accredited Advocate are found detrimental to the interests of our concern his or her unique ID code can be blocked and he/she can be removed from the list of Accredited Advocates.

16. In case of any dispute the jurisdiction will be of civil courts, Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab).